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The knowledge for a lean production system is in the head of those, how produce your product with their own hands.

What values do we create for our customers? 2017-06-25T20:35:55+00:00

Production systems

Absolute consolidation of value added while at the same time appreciation of the employees.


Product development

Our solutions to complex and seemingly incompatible requirements, are:

  • Simple / Smart
  • Focused on manufacturing process & user development.
  • Holistic thinking.


Valuable corporate culture

The involvement of the employees who create the product with their hands and the elimination of problems that they currently have in the workflow creates a pull for change, which could never be generated by executives on their own.


(Contrast: executives develop ideas in a workshop 3 days, which should then be implemented by their employees.)


What do we do differently? 2017-06-25T20:37:22+00:00

Everything must be questioned for the benefit of the customer (building & structure of departments, production process, ..)


​​ Industry-wide, technical understanding of the use of production methods that have not yet been established.


Combination of proven methods to resolve the contradictions of a product development (TRIZ, MVM, ..)


Hierarchical integration of all stakeholders:

Bring together and let those who ‘let their hands’ produce and use the product.


We always involve employees directly from production!

In which market do we operate? 2017-06-25T20:40:56+00:00
  • throughout Germany
  • agile middle class
  • from traditional industries to high-tech
Who are we? 2017-06-25T20:41:52+00:00
  • We are a young company
  • Engineering office with focus on medium-sized entrepreneurs